If you don't want to put your hands into code but want to create a simple slideshow, Etienne Deparis has the online tool you need. Warning, the site is in french.

  • Go to http://umaneti.net/
  • Create an account (CREER UN COMPTE at top-right of screen or the green Créer mon Compte button in the middle of the page)
  • Create your account, from top to bottom : your account's name, your password, repeat your password, your family name, your first name, your gender, your birthdate, your gravatar, your email, checkbox to accept the rules, and finally an antispam question in french)
  • Once this is done and you're logged in, select "Mes diaporamas" on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Create a new slideshow (diaporama in french) or manage your existing ones.

Etienne Deparis, si vous lisez ceci, vous devriez vraiment rendre vos documents bilingues... Cordialement.