• support for Media Queries added
  • bug fix in font shorthand parsing
  • bug fix in box-shadow parsing
  • bug fix in gradient parsing
  • removal of old-style Variables
  • object CssInspector gone
  • global method DisposablePartialParsing() added, see source for usage
  • CSS serialization fixes
  • @charset must be lower-case per spec
  • Warning: @keyframes is now UNPREFIXED in JSCSSP
  • added support for @keyframes rule (unprefixed)
  • fixed a bug that could parse whitespace around other combinators as invalid
  • major changes to match the release of BlueGriffon 1.0
  • introduces the CSSInspector helper
  • can translate -moz-* prefixed properties or values into webkit/preso/trident/unprefixed equivalents
  • bug fixes
  • just changed CSSParser.parseSelector() to return a {String selector, Object specificity} instead of only String selector
  • wow... fixed an enormous bug in selector parsing, CSSParser could fail on groups of selectors
  • working on preserving line numbers in the OM, stay tuned
  • URL parsing and error handling
  • fixed an error parsing functional notations on the right hand side of declarations

JSCCSP is now used by BlueGriffon.

  • Error in parseSelector(): wrong output of |token| instead of |token.value|.
  • URL validation was missing
  • End of line in strings was incorrectly handled

As a result, JSCSSP now passes all applicable tests in the CSS 3 Namespaces Test Suite

  • a[href] { display: inline } was freezing JSCCSP
  • Invalid style rules were not preserved as UnknownRules
  • Error in @namespace serialization
  • New token was not acquired after @charset parsing
  • Token could be null and that's not allowed
  • Named pages were not handled in @page
  • @media accepted an empty list of media
  • New htmlText() API on all OM just for demo purposes
Updated web site for IE8/IE9: two hours of hell because of the lame EcmaScript support, the lame CSS support in IE8, trivial CSSSelectors that don't work, HTML weirdnesses that only IE does, JavaScript getters and setters unsupported, and more :-( IE is soooo far away from a standards-compliant browser, it's amazing.
  • @bug { foo: bar } was freezing JSCSSP
  • partial implementation of CSS Variables (call to var()) is not yet supported for a shorthand.
  • started revamping the Object Model output by JSCSSP. The final one will probably differ a lot from the official CSS OM. More efficient and cleaner.