Why a CSS parser in JavaScript?
Because my (x)html editor based on Gecko is unable to edit CSS rules or declarations that are not implemented - and then dropped - by Gecko's Style Engine. Since a content editor for the Web does not target one browser only, I needed a way to parse and preserve all the contents of a stylesheet, including unrecognized rules or properties, comments and even whitespaces.
What's the license attached to JSCCSP?
The code is distributed under the tri-license MPL/GPL/LGPL.
What's the ETA for v1.0?
No idea, really.
Wow 3000+ lines of code, that's a lot...
Nope it is not for a real parser, not based on RegExps and with a CSS Object Model output. You can still minify the code if you need a smaller footprint but don't forget to preserve the license block.
does it work in Internet Explorer?
Yeah, unfortunately.... I had to downgrade the quality of my code to support that hum well hum "browser". Nuf said.
How can I submit a bug or a suggestion?
daniel at glazman dot org