<glazou> ok let's dance:-)

<glazou> hi people, welcome; first question ?

<JLP> Is there any better support for KDE to be expected in the future for Nvu, like KDE open/save file dialogs, support for KIOSlaves and so on?

<glazou> JLP: I am using toolkit's filepicker so whatever it is on a given platform, I'll use uit

<werner> is there any time frame for the news composer when we might see a BETA (or Alpha) version ?

<glazou> 0.1 expected december

<werner> What is the relationship of NVU 1.0 to the new Composer?

<javier (Arg)> how can we help with internationalization?

<irfan> will there be any future releases of Nvu? or will everything be backported to Composer?

<glazou> werner: Composer is clearly inspired and based on Nvu and Mozilla Composer ; it will be reusing biyts from nvu 1.0 but the whole thing is new I am rewriting the code from scratch in particular to get rid of old dependencies to XPFE

<glazou> irfan: from my POV, no

<glazou> I can't maintain Nvu and Composer at the same time

<nightrat> will be composer localizable through mozilla l10n cvs?

<glazou> yes

<Shuaib> Will there be any further development work on Nvu?

<irfan> is linspire still involved???

<glazou> localizers will have cvs access to mozilla/composer/*/locale

<glazou> irfan: no

<Shualib> already answered that

<pierre slamich> Will it be more beginner centered or developer centered ?

<glazou> both

<glazou> I'll try to

<glazou> keep Composer well suited for beginners

<glazou> but will also try to offer more advanced features

<so geeks smile a bit :-)

<irfan> are you targetting feature compatability with Dreamweaver or frontpage?

<glazou> irfan: frontpage is dead anyway

<glazou> and I'd love to be compatible with DW templates

<Shuaib> Why the move from Nvu to Composer?

<glazou> because Nvu was based on gecko 1.7 and merging was too hard

<WeirdAl> Is support for HTML forms on the should-have list for Composer (1.0)?

<glazou> and also because I wanted to take advantage of xulrunner

<werner> Will composer be fully compatible to XHTML?

<glazou> weirdal: yes

<Murmex> Do you intend to support XML+XSLT ?

<glazou> werner: yes

<WeirdAl> :-D

<glazou> murmex: no not at this time the target is html/xhtml ( and not xhtml2.0, khh, khhh ;-)

<JLP> One of the things people are missing the most in Nvu is the lack of pre-made templates for web pages. Are there any plans to include more of those in the future? Maybe make them available in a similar ways as extensions and themes for Firefox.

<glazou> JLP: yes, and we have in mind a very cool feature for templates

<werner> What is the role of Mozilla foundation in this? Are you going to port it back?

<glazou> werner: the mozilla foundation provides

<glazou> (1) help for the name and trademark (2) cvs.mozilla.org and that's already a lot

<aperry> I haven't tried Nvu enough to tell, but will it be easy to code an extension to, say, make it easy to create a template for dotclear without newbies getting their hands dirty ?

<glazou> yes

<Bob Marcel> do you take care of NVU/Komposer evolution or are you completely not interested in it anymore ?

<nightrat> will there be tinderboxes for composer and when?

<WeirdAl> ... what _is_ dotclear, anyway?

<glazou> aperry: yes, Composer will offer an API for all sorts of things

<Bob Marcel> already answered that

<nightrat> that's the goal, yes

<aperry> glazou: good to hear

<Celui> Did you finally choose another name than Composer ?

<glazou> WeirdAl : an excellent blog system GPL'd made by a french and very very popular over here Celui: not yet ; we're stuck into trademark issues (as always...)

<pierre slamich> will the name be about some furry animal ?

<glazou> no idea

<glazou> no comment

<sayrer> how much of the code will be usable in Firefox designmode?

<glazou> aperry: there are already stuff to listen to selection changes, mode changes and so on ;expect much better in the future

<werner> How can we help with internationlization?

<nuer> do you have a date for the first release of composer ?

<glazou> sayrer: hmmm, good question

<nuer> 0.1 december 2006

<WeirdAl> ETNA: we don't get a lot of news on that XML editor project. Are there still plans to bring its code into mozilla.org cvs, and what's been going on in it lately?

<glazou> weirdal : laurentj just made a xulrunner-based version of Etna we're still on it so yes

<glazou> sayrer: contenteditable is very different because it runs in a web page no chrome privileges

<Shuaib> Should we expect composer to have some advance innovative features?

<glazou> yes

<paul> And what about diavolo ? Any progress ?

<glazou> shuaib: you'll be surprised

<paul> yes, still ongoing

<Bob Marcel> Can you tell us some what you will do exactely in the new html working group ?

<kadoma> suggestion for a new name: "Web Writer"

<glazou> kadoma: no

<glazou> impossible to TM

<glazou> just like FF or TB, we'll need to protect the name

<gabber977> perhaps stupid question, but why not nvu 2.0 for the new name ?

<glazou> because "nvu" is a TM of Linspire and nvu.com belongs to them

<pierre slamich> stupid question perhaps, but how does DI manage to go on while you're coding ? Do you do it on your free time or full time ?

<JLP> Are there any plans to make it easier to connect Composer to blog systems like Wordpress and so on? For example so that you can edit the article in Composer and post it to blog simply by clicking Post in Composer

<werner> How big is the team of Composer, or is it just you?

<WeirdAl> glazou: how can other people get involved in the dev of Composer - do you have a published roadmap, areas people can help out in?

<irfan> how does KomPozer relate to your effort

<glazou> JLP: not at this time, but that will be doable as an extension

<werner> 4 at this time

<aperry> I might be totally wrong here, but aren't you afraid that having smooth incremental changes to HTML will make it a mess to support the whole set of standards and mixups that will appear ? (although I guess it's already quite like that...)

<glazou> weirdal: code reviews, code, i18n

<gabber977> du you plan to add close icon on each tab and possibility to re-organize tab with mouse like in Firefox ?

<glazou> aperry: the successor to HTML 4 is not here yet

<nuer> [political qt :) ] on which will you bet between DSK, sego and fabius ?

<Murmex> Bob Marcel: Can you tell us some what you will do exactely in the new html working group ?

<glazou> gabber977: I am HIGHLY skeptical on that FF change I hate it myself and switched back to old close-tab style changing the pref so no idea

<penso> does nvu plan to support templeet in the future ?

<glazou> nuer: eh, excellent question

<aperry> glazou: pref name please ? *sifflote*

<Shuaib> What were the reasons for quiting the development of Nvu anyfurther?

<glazou> ségolène royal is nuts

<WeirdAl> glazou: offtopic, if you can point me to your patch for the old close-tab style afterwards, I'd appreciate it

<shuaib> already answered

<glazou> templeet ? that's the linuxfr thing ? no :-)

<glazou> weirdal: about:config, find all *tabs* pref and change the value of the closetab to 3

<kadoma> What do want to develop a new "composer" : "cross-platform" perhaps but what are the great features?

<paul> WeirdAl: browser.tabs.closeButtons

<WeirdAl> I'll look later; it's something that the SM folks want too

<glazou> kadoma: much better stylesheet management

<gabber824> why were you deleting every comment that was telling things you don't like when comments were still allowed ?

<glazou> gabber824: you're lucky I cannot ban you right now :-)

<Robin_reala> In the past you've contributed a lot of advanced CSS features into the codebase for composer (e.g. ::selection). Is this going to happen again this time around?

<Bob Marcel> Can you tell us what you will do exactely in the new html working group ?

<glazou> no, because that's not decided yet the group does not exist yet TBL announced it but the group does not exist yet it will probably be created after the W3C meeting in tokyo end of novemeber

<Murmex> Do you think that the incremental changes/broken compatibility is really an issue as the previous versions of (X)HTML will still be available?

<gabber824> do you like vegemite ? I yes, what do you think about its prohibition in the USA ?

<Pascal> What about the XulWengophone Application ? Will it be developed further ?

<glazou> murmex: no ; what the WHATWG does is compatible with html4

<glazou> pascal: yes, absolutely we're still working with Wengo

<aperry> Will Composer be solely based on standards respect, or will you add non-standard features if your views diverge too much from those of the new WGs ?

<glazou> gabber824: uuuuh ?

<WeirdAl> glazou: how has "daddy duty" changed your perspective on life, the Universe and everything (including tech)? :-)

<glazou> aperry: I will add features in a standards-compliant way like templates are not standard but it's possible to use comments and PIs

<kadoma> do u plan to offer a wizard for building webpage (i'm talking about positionning, i.e. a header a footer and two columns for example fluid or not)?

<gabber977> Do you plan to sell advanced add-on for Composer ? (For professional use for instance ...)

<glazou> WAIT !!!! that's a mess because you don't wait ; please wait aperry: so it's possible to do better that what HTML allows just complying to standard rules

<gabber824> Is Composer a 'sponsored' project (is there a client behind it, like there was Linspire behind nvu)

<glazou> weirdal: I'm much more tired than before the daddy duty era :-à

<glazou> the only sponsor at this time is Disruptive Innovations itself

<nuer> can we imagine a commercial contract between mozilla and an hosting compagny to upload html pages ?

<glazou> nuer: ask Mozilla ?

<glazou> kadoma: yes, a wizard would be cool and that's the plan

<gabber824> what does DI do for a living ?

<glazou> gabber824: contracting

<Robin_reala> In the past you've contributed a lot of advanced CSS features into the codebase for composer (e.g. ::selection). Is this going to happen again this time around?

<alfred> do you acknowledge there are too many polemic/politic topics on your blog and that you should re-center on Composer/DI only here ?

<glazou> robin: yes

<alfred> no my blog is mine and I publish whatever I want on it if you're not happy with it, just don't read it and categories allow you to read only Composer-related stuff

<gabber824> when will you stop posting in french in the mozilla category, which end up on planet.mozilla.org ?

<glazou> gabber824: see disruptive-innovations.com for customers list teach planet to filter on lang="" attribute I am french I speak french and nothing is going to prevent me from posting in my own language I hope this is normal because if you feel it's not...

<gabber229> Do you think an XulApp IDE to develop XulApp's is worthwhile?

<Celui> What about diavolo ? Still a standalone app ? Will it be merged with Composer ?

<glazou> nuer: I often dream in swedish :-)

<nuer> lol

<gabber824> I'm not asking that you stop posting in french ; I'm asking that you stop posting in french on planet.mozilla.org

<glazou> gabber229: that would be a lot of work...

<WeirdAl> glazou: you've stated before that HTML is not going away in the foreseeable future. What sort of improvements do you think will be coming to HTML

<glazou> gabber824: enough please **I** am not posting on planet planet takes my posts that's different tell planet to stop using my RSS

<gabber229> I have the project and form design components working but need a good JS Editor.

<gabber824> **you** decide the categories

<glazou> ENOUGH i said

<aperry> You've often said that Disruptive Innovation is an innovative company, fact that you would like to see acknowledged more often. What do you think defines an innovative company in the software development industry ?

<glazou> aperry: excellent question, let me elaborate

<gabber824> time out

<glazou> (1) products driven by engineering; gabber824 : who are you ? you are just painful (2) courage

<irfan> are you coding composer fomr scratch??

<Pascal> And what about STTS ? Will it be released one day ? ;)

<glazou> (3) think differently

<pascal> yes, Olivier Gambier is working on it for Composer

<glazou> aperry: is that enough as an answer ?

<glazou> irfan: yes

<skees> Is commposer can import SVG ?

<aperry> glazou: let me meditate on that first

<glazou> skees: not at this time

<glazou> editing SVG is much harder than editing text

<nuer> stts whats that ?

<glazou> nuer: transformation language based on a CSS-like syntax

<glazou> last 2 questions please

<gabber310> gabber824: don't you have something else to do? maybe take a walk?

<glazou> gabber824, go away please

<gabber23423> will your composer be part of mozilla suite

<ogirtd> when Composer0.1 will be published, It'll automatically install xulrunner1.9?

<glazou> gabber23423: no

<Laurentj> nuer : http://www.w3.org/TR/NOTE-STTS3

<glazou> ogirtd: not decided at this time

<Celui> Will it be possible to edit mathml ?

<WeirdAl> glazou: beyond immediate work on Composer, what do you see you and DI doing, as a rough idea

<glazou> aaaah mathml I'd love to, yes

<gabber977> Can you tell us how you get money for your compagny with a project like Composer ? Do you plan to have a commercial side for Composer (like add-on..) ?

<aperry> let's say your answer to the innovation question feels political... (admitidly it's not easy to answer on a chat...)

<gabber824> mathml would need fixes in the gecko rendering for it

<glazou> weirdal: move from contracting duties to sales of our own "pro" extensions to Composer and Etna

<glazou> gabber977 see just what I said

<glazou> ***last question***

<WeirdAl> glazou: we haven't talked about Wengo, what is it?

<gabber977> Euh !! What about Chirac ?

<glazou> wengo is a VoIP client it's a GPL'd product

<alfred> gabber977: what about 42?

<glazou> and the parent company asked DI to XULified it so we did it's now an extension for FF, a standalone product and we even turned it into a "white brand" product it's a strong competitor to skype with much better quality and better prices

<aperry> 42 should definitely have been the answer to the innovation question :-)

<alfred> history: how many customers for DI since start

<glazou> alfred: hmmm about 15 ?

<glazou> ok folks, that's it

<thanks !!!!

<WeirdAl> thanks glazou

<Florent> merci !

<Pascal> thx

<Robin_reala> Thanks Daniel!

<javier (Arg)> thanks Daniel for your time....

<glazou> :-)

<ogirtd> 10x

<kadoma> thanks

<glazou> oh one last thing

<mussel> plop !

<gabber977> Merci

<glazou> gabber824 : go to hell

<Pascal> :>

<Florent> yes go to hell !

<nuer> lol

<Robin_reala> Very 'Steve Jobs' :)

<ogirtd> LOL

<magneto> thanks

<nuer> hell is not enough hot